Junk Removal


Has your garage become a permanent hoarding spot for all the things you’ve been meaning to get rid of but just haven’t been able to? After all, disposing of junk is harder than it seems. There are so many different types of items—recyclable as well as recyclable—that you need to sort through. Having a garage sale may help you sell off some of your belongings, but what do you do with the ones that cannot be used anymore?

Have professionals take care of it!Hiring a professional junk removal service can make this task so much easier for you. They’ll take care of your neglected and unwanted belongings, helping you clear up your space in no time. You don’t have to stress about taking your junk to several different outlets for proper disposal! A junk removal company will take on all of your useless and unnecessary items and get rid of them in one go.

You know what they say; one person’s trash is another person’s treasure. This holds all the more true for a junk removal service that specializes in handling junk items. They’ll examine the belongings for recycling, donations, and repurposing so that nothing goes to waste. Everything cluttering your garage and storage spaces can safely be hauled away and disposed of through the proper channels without you having to lift a finger!

Our company can help you with this tedious task.

About 3 Movers 1 Truck


At 3 Movers 1 Truck, we provide expert moving & junk removal services to residents of Georgia. Our goal is to help our customers achieve a tidy and decluttered space devoid of any unnecessary belongings. This is why our team takes extra care to provide prompt and efficient services to remove junk and debris from your premises.

In addition to residential junk removal, our services are also available to commercial clients. Whether you want to clear out your warehouse or need help with removing junk from your office building, we’re here to help. Our staff is equipped to handle all kinds of junk items, and we’ll follow the approved protocol for disposing of these belongings. Within just a few hours, your place will be free from all that junk, and that too at an amazingly affordable price!

Call us at 404-692-8307 for assistance in Dacula, Suwannee, Marietta, Braselton, and other cities in Georgia.