One of the biggest challenges art patrons and gallery owners face is transporting their collection of artwork during a move. Whether it’s your private painting collection or the several new exhibits you’ve acquired for your museum, you need to have a reliable means of transportation for these pieces of art.

Imagine having an impressive assortment of antiques that get damaged in the moving process as you shift homes. Or the costly repercussions damaged paintings and other art displays can bring upon your museum if they’re not handled with care. It doesn’t matter if you have a single piece of artwork that needs to be relocated or sport an expensive collection.  Moving artwork requires specialized skills and a customized approach. For this purpose, you need the aid and expertise of professional painting movers.  


While a typical moving service can get your furniture, electronics, and dozens of cartons safely across the city, artwork is a whole other ball game. From paintings and sculptures dating back centuries to more modern crafts, each item requires special care. With there being a high risk of these prized possessions getting damaged in the moving process, you need a way to ensure that their quality and condition wouldn’t be compromised. This is why it’s imperative that you hire painting movers who can safely move your artwork, irrespective of the complexity of the task.


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At our moving company, you can avail our fine art moving and delivery services across Georgia. Our expert fine art movers have both the knowledge and the skill set required to move intricate and delicate pieces of art. From large sculptures and displays to paintings and smaller crafts, there’s nothing we can’t handle. We’ll make sure your artwork is transported safely from one location to another, without sustaining any damages whatsoever.


3 Movers 1 Truck is committed to providing clients with high-quality residential and commercial moving services. Whether you need help moving your private art collection to your new home or are searching for a safe and reliable service to transport art exhibits to your gallery, we’re here to help. Our services are extended to cities across Georgia including Gwinnet, Gainsville, Lawrence, Marietta, and Braselton.


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