4 Tips for Choosing the Right Moving Company

Updated: Oct 31, 2019

Moving can be both an exciting and stressful experience. Homeowners have to take care of multiple things simultaneously and hope that nothing goes wrong. A major relocation challenge is to find a reputable moving company that can safely transport your furniture without surprising you with hidden costs.

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, around 35 million people move each year in the U.S with a small percentage complaining about bad moving companies. To ensure that your belongings arrive in one piece, in this blog, we’ll list 4 tips for choosing the right moving company.

Positive Reputation

Reputation plays an important role in selecting a moving company because it indicates how good or bad the services of a particular mover are. Start by asking your friends and family or even the neighbors if they have hired moving companies in the past. Some will share bad experiences whereas others will share positive ones.

Compile a list of positive ones and then go online to check the reviews. Reading what others have written will give you a good idea of which company you need to hire.

Watch Out for a Few Red Flags

There are a few red flags or warning signs to look out for when asking for estimates. For example, a reputable mover won’t usually ask for a deposit. If the company keeps asking for large payment upfront, it’s time to look for other service providers.

Also, if the representative doesn’t arrive on time, can’t answer your questions, or seems uncertain, it could very well be a fraudulent company.

Be Wary of Extra Fees

Extra fees can be charged depending on the type of place you’re moving into. A two-story home can cost a bit more but if your apartment is, let’s say, on the 9th floor, costs can spiral out of control. This is why it’s necessary to sit down with the movers and ask about additional fees. A reliable company won’t surprise you with hidden costs.

Range of Services

Even though each company might look the same, there can be a massive difference in the range of services offered. Before settling on a prospect, inspect the range of services. These typically include additional storage, decluttering, packing and unpacking, and painting. Choose the company based on the services you require.

Finally, industry experience also plays a crucial role in determining the quality and reliability of a company. 3 Movers 1 Truck are long-distance movers in Buford, GA that have around 15 years of experience. They also have a stellar reputation for providing quality services, offer fair estimates, and have no hidden costs. Contact us today for more information.

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