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Moving your hot tub can be one of the most strenuous and time-consuming tasks you’ll ever undertake. You should make every effort to do it properly to avoid damage and injury to yourself, your belongings and your property. An average hot tub with water weighs well over 900 pounds. It’s going to go without saying that you have to plan for some serious lifting when moving this large item around.

If you decide to tackle the task yourself, it’s wise to invest in professional hot tub moving services. Even if you’re experienced, using the wrong materials or methods can cause major problems, injure someone or damage your property. When hiring moving services from a professional company, you’re not only guaranteed the best results but also the safest method for moving your hot tub.

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Checklist: Create a list of all the dangers you need to avoid during your move. Unrated or hidden fees that you aren’t familiar with are an obvious concern. Professional moving companies are very aware of these types of hidden fees and will be prepared to deal with them accordingly. A thorough outline of your needs will make things much easier for the professional movers. Unrated or hidden fees will slow down your move considerably.

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Contact the Better Business Bureau. If you have any questions about the moving company or the movers themselves, check the Better Business Bureau to find out if any complaints have been lodged against them. Hotels can be great sources of information about their own employees, as well as any customers they have had experience with. Local rental houses and condominium associations can also provide helpful information about the moving company and its movers.

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Review the Packing Process. Hot tub moving companies typically use specialized trucks to transport your belongings. Before the movers load up your things, they will unpack everything at your new home so that they know where everything should go. The trucks will also be packed differently than your old home’s packing style.

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Review the Heavy Lifting and Unpacking Process. Many professional moving companies use experienced professional movers who have years of experience in the heavy lifting and unloading of large items. They will take care of the lifting of items, while you focus on making sure nothing is damaged during the move. This is also an  excellent  time to make sure the Hot Tub movers are using a high quality truck. Ask to see a few different loading and lifting cycles to ensure you are getting the highest quality possible.

Best Hot Tub Moving in Lawrenceville, Georgia

Ask about the Quality of Other Services offered. Most moving services offer some type of packing and heavy lifting service, but you should find out exactly what they offer. You may be able to use your own packing supplies to provide additional security for your belongings, or you may need the Hot Tub movers to use special equipment for your fragile items.

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