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Best Next Day or Last Minute Moving Services

Moving is challenging enough without the added pressure of packing up and relocating in a hurry. There are lots of reasons for planning a last-minute move – maybe your other movers canceled on you, your living situation suddenly changed, you need to move as soon as possible for a new job, or there’s a family emergency, and you need to relocate quickly. Whatever your reason for moving on short notice, 3 Movers 1 Truck LLC is here to help you navigate this stressful time. You can count on us to offer last-minute moving services to make this transition go smoothly. We also do our best to provide Next Day or Last Minute Moving for customers who need urgent assistance, depending on availability. So, put down those moving boxes and pick up the phone; we’re ready and waiting to help you today!

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We know you have places to be, so our goal is to make your move as fast and efficient as possible! We offer the following last-minute moving services:


Over the years, we’ve helped thousands of Clients move in and out of homes across the city, so we have the expertise to get you packed and ready to move quickly.


You can’t exactly lug your dining room set onto the subway or cram your love seat in the back of an Uber. When it comes to quick delivery of your furniture, you need someone with the equipment to get the job done. From couches to credenzas, we have room for all your furniture in the back of our clean, well-maintained moving trucks.


In addition to residential relocations, we also have the crews and equipment to tackle commercial moves. Whether you own a boutique or run a large company in the heart of the Financial District, we can help you relocate your business fast, so you can get back to running the daily operations.


Getting all your stuff boxed up and ready for moving day takes substantial time and energy. With a last-minute move, you might be tempted just to toss everything into trash bags and cross your fingers, but that’s the surest way for items to end up getting smashed or broken. Instead of fretting or taking shortcuts, give us a call! Our crew will come armed with the boxes and supplies to get your home or office packed in time for moving day. We can also help with unloading or unpacking at the tail end of your move!


Some Imperial customers choose to rent a moving truck container instead of hiring a full-service mover. If you don’t need us to do the driving but still need a few extra sets of hands to do the lifting, loading, and hauling, we are here to assist. Our crews are masters at the art of packing a moving truck and securing the load to keep things as safe as possible while in transit.

Next Day or Last Minute Moving Suwanee GA