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Lanier County Pool Table Moving

Moving your pool table requires some special attention. The table is quite heavy so it should be well tied with ropes and strong ropes should be used. It also requires protection from harsh weather such as hail storms and high snow fall. A pole protecting it should be placed at least one foot above the ground. All the moving accessories should be locked in place. In addition, all the moving parts should be enclosed in waterproof bags.

The movers will provide you with all the moving supplies to be used during the moving process. Pool table should be disassembled and assembled at the site of the moving. As far as the disassembling is concerned, the movers will provide you with the parts, which will break down into smaller parts. The movers will provide you with plastic bags that will enable you to safely disassemble the table without damaging it.

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When you are done with the disassembling of the pool table moving, you should remove all the accessories, which are used for holding the cue stick and the cue shaft together during the game. These accessories are also referred to as ‘spades’ or ‘shafts’. You should then loosen them and secure them with strong ropes. The next thing, which you should do is disconnect the wires from the pool cue stick and cue shaft. The remaining accessories include the pool cue ball, the brush, the slate and other cleaning materials.

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Once the movers provide you with all these moving equipments, they will advise you on how to move the pool items safely. The movers will first dismantle the table and put it in the moving truck. The truck will be provided with deep plastic bags, in which the pool accessories should be placed. The movers will fasten the moving company’s emblem to the bag, so that nobody can get to the pool table and tamper with it.

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After putting it in the truck, the movers will unload it at the destination point. At the destination point, the pool accessories should be securely placed. They will remove the game box, if present, and unfold it carefully. The movers will remove the springs from the base, which is the part that supports the cue stick. They will cover this with plastic sheets, so that nothing can damage it while it is being shifted. The movers will close the top of the pool, which is made from strong cloth, by securing it with ropes.

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Once the movers are done with this job, the pool table can be safely removed from the truck and placed on the ground, so that it can be easily assembled. When it is fully assembled, the movers will reinstall the cues, the brush and the slate. After this, the movers will tie the strings of the pool table to the bunting, so that it cannot move around. The game box is then secured, and the game is ready to play.

Best Pool Table Moving in Lanier County, Georgia

Pool table moving companies offer services for cleaning and moving the table to any location. They have experienced professionals, who are available to help you anytime. For large pool tables, they will ship them to the new destination, along with the movers, who will assemble it there. If your pool table has a few small breakable pieces, you can send them by freight.

Pool Table Moving Lanier County GA