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Senior Moving and Packing can be quite a harrowing experience. It is very common for older people to have problems moving or packing their homes when they are getting ready to move in with their spouses, children or grandchildren. As people get older, they become less Rest Haven and dependent. Therefore, experienced senior moving and packing movers can help ease the transition into a senior assisted living environment.

The importance of hiring the right moving company cannot be underestimated. For example, Senior Relocation Services that offers professional, senior movers and their agents to assist you in your senior move. Most movers will have more than 30 years of moving and packing experience, so you can trust them with your belongings. Senior relocating companies have their own fully equipped moving trucks with top of the line moving equipment. They will provide you with a full package of moving services such as:

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Renters Insurance – If there is any damage to your home during the relocation process, renters insurance will cover some or all of it. If there is any accidental damage to your belongings during the process of downsizing, renters insurance will cover all or part of it. Senior relocation services can also provide a home sale package. When you sell your home after the downsizing process, if there was any accidental damage to your belongings during the home sale, your old home owner insurance policy will still cover some or all of it.

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Better Business Bureau – The Better Business Bureau keeps you informed about any complaints or unsatisfactory experiences you might encounter when you choose a moving service. The better business bureau provides you with a list of complaints filed by customers. These should give you a better indication of the quality of the movers you will use. The Better Business Bureau does not allow residential movers to be listed in their records if they are actively involved in an investigation. You can read the Better Business Bureau’s list of complaint lists on their website.

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De-cluttering – The senior citizen moving and packing company will give you a checklist of items you will need to move. This will enable you to easily know what size things you will need to remove from your home and where you will place them. The service will pack your home according to the checklist you will receive at no extra charge. The movers will take all of the belongings from your home and store them at the new location. They will then unload them at your new location.

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Basic Move-In Closings – Some moving services will charge you for the closings. In most cases the charges are for the entire move including the time it takes for the movers to move in and out. Other services include putting your house in order prior to moving in. Some of these services will even clean your home before packing it for the move in. These are basic closing charges that are necessary for proper packing and unpacking of your belongings.

Best Senior Movers in Rest Haven, Georgia

Professional Moving and Packing – Many times hiring a professional moving and packing company is the best option for an elderly senior moving experience. Professional movers will possess many of the skill sets required for proper moving and packing of an elderly resident’s home. The senior moving services will also have specialized tools and equipment for the job that normal movers do not have.

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